Things to do in Naples Italy

Naples is one of the enormous cities located on the western coast of Italy fronting the Tyrrhenian Sea. This colossal metropolis is the third biggest city in Italy behind Rome and Milan with a population of 975,000 and a greater metropolitan population of over 3.1 million. Naples and the concerning area have been inhabited since the Neolithic period and it has seen some form of unremitting human activity through ancient Greek times to the Roman Empire and more. There are many things to do in Naples Italy and to explore one of the best parts of Italy.

Due to the extensive history of this region, Naples is filled with historical buildings, squares, and churches plus a host of up-to-date amenities and fantastic nightlife opportunities. Roam around the best places to visit in Naples Italy. Looming in the shadow of the legendary Mt. Vesuvius, this is a really epic tourist destination. Check some of the Naples Italy tourist attractions without thinking much about what to do in Naples Italy-

  • Climb Mount Vesuvius

Named a Stratovolcano, Mount Vesuvius rules the horizon and landscape nearby Naples and is a legendary volcano that famously erupted in 79 AD and caused the destruction and burial of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Vesuvius stands as the only volcano in mainland Europe that has erupted in the last 100 years – It is considered extremely dangerous due to the number of human settlements that are situated in its danger zone.

Things to do in Naples italy

Today you can take a bus tour from Naples to visit this wonderful natural phenomenon and climb up its slopes to peer into the crater. A hike will take between 20-30 minutes and is considered not very difficult – The views from the top on a clear day are simply fantastic and the caldera and crater are hugely interesting too.

  • Pick up a pizza

Naples created pizza and you’ll discover it everywhere in the city, bubbling away in wood-fired ovens. The exact Neapolitan version is modest: what we know as the Margherita with local buffalo mozzarella. Quality is taken actual seriously and there are even rules, supervised over by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, which specify that Neapolitan pizza dough must comprise only of wheat flour, natural Neapolitan yeast or brewer’s yeast, salt, and water.

Things to do in Naples italy

Don’t give up, wait in line and grasp the best pizza you’ve ever had for €6. If your stomach can’t grip such an extensive wait try Pizzeria Di Matteo for fried stuffed pizza, St Attilio for a sun-shaped ricotta-filled pizza or Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, where you might still have to queue but the dough alone will prompt you why they say patience is a benefit.

  • Visit the ruins of Pompeii

Pompeii was a prehistoric city that assembled in the shadow of the iconic Mount Vesuvius. This settlement was greatly innovative and extensive and was destroyed at its peak during the upsetting eruption of the volcano in 79 AD. Despite the devastation caused and the amount of lava that poured over the city, Pompeii stands nowadays in a fantastic situation – This is due to the giant layer of ash that was deposited over the partial ruins and thus acted as a protector.

Things to do in Naples italy

Now you can stopover Pompeii and stroll through the wide-ranging ruins – mostly interesting sights contain the Amphitheatre, the case del Fauno, the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Jupiter. Moreover, you can treasure plaster casts of many of the unfortunate victims who were buried under the ash and endure locked in their death pose for an eternity.

Recommend Pompeii Tour

  • Stroll through the streets

Apartment-living in Naples means that greatest city life really does take place in the streets. Turn off any main road and you’ll discover residents hanging out in local cafés, restaurants, and family-run shops. Each locality is decorated with memorials to lost loved ones, saints and, of course, football legend Maradona (who played for Napoli FC). To appreciate shopping as street theatre smash up La Pignasecca or Mercato di Porta Nolana. If intended for a cheap tour of spiritual landmarks try the A Miglio Sacro (Holy Mile) walking tour of the Sanità district and then discover more Naples Italy points of interest. Explore the best with unusual things to do in Naples Italy.

Things to do in Naples italy

  • Naples National Archaeological Museum

Accommodated in a fine ornate building that was formed in the 1750’s, the museum used to function as a military and cavalry barracks and was turned into a museum in later years. The museum is situated to the north of the Harbor but there is a Metro station right subsequent to the building.

Inside you can treasure a wide collection that comprises a wide array of Roman and Greek artifacts plus a choice of works from both Pompeii and Herculaneum. This collection includes a variety of marble statues illustrating scenes from ancient mythology, stunning mosaics from the ruins of Pompeii, and a massive collection of objects from ancient Egypt such as mummified remains and death masks. Someone interested in ancient history and archaeology will discover this museum an infinitely exciting place to visit among many Naples Italy attractions.

  • Start your night at 10 pm

When it comes to nightlife, there are many things to do in Naples Italy at night. In case you’re searching for Neapolitan youth culture by night, then you need to head to Piazza Bellini. Bars line the square and you’ll discover youthful and trendy folk spilling out of them and filling it to the brim. The communal atmosphere, where everyone comes together and mingles means that you’ll discover it nearly difficult not to make new friends.

Things to do in Naples italy

  • Explore San Gennaro Catacombs

Have you ever wanted to explore a mysterious underground world that holds an immense measure of detail and passageways? This is exactly what the San Gennaro Catacombs provide and you can find the entrance to this otherworldly place near the Basilica dell’Incoronata in the northern part of Naples.

When underground, you will discover a network of tunnels and passageways that are lined with graves and crypts dating back to ancient history. Spread more than two levels, the lower floor contains a stunning 3000+ burials and is dimly lit to retain the spooky underground feeling. The topmost level is more commodious but just as exciting and contains many detailed frescos and artwork. A guided tour of the catacombs will offer a striking experience and a true insight into the past of Naples.

  • Sample the coffee culture

Neapolitans are totally caffeinated and coffee comes a nearby second to pizza as a specialty here. You’ll fight to catch a street lacking a coffee bar and espresso is the order of the day. It’s conventionally (but not always) served Zucchero (sweetened), so ask for Amaro if you like your coffee bitter. Go to Mexico, the finest café in the city. You’ll see everybody from local policemen to hipsters on holiday here (and not just because the shop’s orange hue Instagrams well). Don’t miss historic Caffee Gambrinus moreover – it’s said that Oscar Wilde was a shopper here and if coffee’s not your thing you can acquire an Aperol spritz in its place. For something a bit extra fashionable that recaps you of London go to the bohemian Spazio Nea, a gallery/coffee bar.

  • Visit the ruins of Herculaneum

Another city that was crushed after the 79 AD ejection of Vesuvius was Herculaneum – This city is the lesser known partner to Pompeii but is just as fascinating and an incredible sight to visit. In spite of the fact that the city was located further away from Vesuvius than Pompeii, it was still completely destroyed.

Things to do in Naples italy

Herculaneum is really thought to be a superior preserved example than Pompeii and still has some of its wooden structures, frames, and roofing intact. Interesting sights within the complex include the Villa of the Papyri and the House of Argus which both contain beautiful frescos and wall paintings. Moreover, there is likewise a series of skeletal remains that show the demise of this unfortunate group of people. If you visit Pompeii, ensure that you visit Herculaneum too for a detailed insight into an ancient period of time.

  • Contemplate the contemporary art scene

Somewhat incompatibly embedded within the warren of streets that mark up the historical heart of Naples is MADRE, the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina. You could nearly miss it were it not for the pops of color evident from beyond the building’s neo-classical façade. Unwrapped in 2005 and spread over three floors of the nineteenth-century Palazzo Donnaregina, you’ll treasure site-specific installations from the likes of Daniel Buren, Jeff Koons, Richard Serra and Anish Kapoor.

  • Roam around Castel Nuovo

The Castel Nuovo emerges as a primary component in the horizon of Naples and is one of the first sights that people entering via cruise ships will see. Located in close proximity to the renowned Piazza del Plebiscito, the castle is effortlessly accessible and is one of the main historical sites in Naples.

Things to do in Naples italy

Made in 1282, the castle highlights 5 circular crenulated towers and a fantastic triumphal arch that was included at a later date. Take a tour of the castle and admire the beautiful towers, stand inside the central courtyard, appreciate the painted ceiling of the Baron’s Hall and climb the castle ramparts for striking views of Naples and the harbor.

  • Eat like a local

Food should highlight vigorously in any break to Naples. Ensure you don’t fall into traveler traps and rather hit the restaurants popular with locals. We recommend Mimi’s, where you’ll mockup the best mozzarella you’ve ever had for a price so sensible it will make Londoners scrutinize their bill with skepticism, supposing they’ve been undercharged. Try not to miss the homegrown wine on offer, the naturally made desserts or fish of the day. And, above all, create a conversation with the staff here because they know additional about the city than anyone. La Stanza del Gusto – alternative local restaurant with legendary status, is likewise excellent.

  • Check out Cappella Sansevero

There are numerous chapels and churches in the heart of Naples, and the Sansevero Chapel is a genuinely fine case. Made in 1590, the chapel was once a private building for the Duke of Torremaggoire and then served as a family burial chapel from 1613. Sited in the center of Naples, the chapel is not distant from the Harbor and the Castel Nuovo.

Although this chapel is somewhat plain and unassuming from the outside, the inside is very astonishing and is the genuine feature. The chapel comprises a vast amount of artwork and numerous famous sculptures.

A detailed and magnificent fresco decorates the roof and numerous marble statues stand guard at each of the pillars. Central to this fantastic display is the beautiful statue of the Veiled Christ created by Giuseppe Sanmartino.

  • Confront your mortality

Naples is a city that doesn’t shy away from life’s inevitable end. The Neapolitan ‘cult of the dead’ (frowned on by the modern church) centers around taking care of the skulls and bones of the unknown deceased, giving them gifts and asking them for favors in return. The Fontanelle cemetery is a fantastic and mysterious place to come across this and highlights caves you can visit packed with rows of stacked skulls.

  • Discover Castel dell’Ovo

As you come in the port at Naples you will without a doubt see this overwhelming sea bound castle. Once an island, the land that the castle stands on is now associated with the mainland and is accessible by a footpath and road.

As the most established fortification in Naples, the Castel dell’Ovo was constructed in the early 6th century BC and some form of defensive structure has stood ever since. The castle is open to the public and it is a fantastic building to sightsee – Walk through the pathways and arches and gaze out into the Mediterranean Sea. You can likewise discover several exhibits of art and displays about the history of the castle.

  • Promenade along the Lungomore

Wander beside the city’s 3km long slightly pedestrianized seafront promenade from Magellan to Santa Lucia. Begin at the Hotel Excelsior (which includes in a scene of ‘The Sopranos’), stop off at the Castel dell’Ovo and move to the best for a portion of the city’s best views. Rocks along the shore provide the perfect sunbathing and day-drinking spots too.

Things to do in Naples italy

  • Treasure Naples Harbour

Naples is a gigantically bustling port and sea trade is the city’s main source of economy. The network of ports is divided into separate docks and is a true hive of activity at any time of the day. Extending from the Castel Nuovo to the Piazza San Giovanni Battista you could easily spend hours walking through the docks and ports and watching the intriguing business that happens here.

Likewise, if you continue to the west you will treasure the Porto di Mergellina which is occupied by trendy restaurants and cafes and has a great lively atmosphere. Come here to test some neighborhood life and appreciate the different Yachts that dock at the harbor.

  • Get fanatical about football

Everywhere in the world has its own particular belief system. Italy has football, and Naples, particularly, has Diego Armando Maradona (local legends Cannavaro and Zola also played for the club).  Everywhere throughout the city, you’ll see shrines dedicated to the 1980s Napoli player but the best has to be in Pizzetta Nilo – there you’ll find a reliquary in which a strand of hair, purportedly his, is preserved in the square’s eponymous Bar Nilo. Go the distance and attend a game for around €40. The current team are excellent, led by striker Edinson Cavani and captain Marek Hamšík, regularly qualify for the Champions League. Forza Napoli!

  • Go to church

Naples is a religious city: you’ll discover things from road shrines to Christmas nativity cribs on sale all year round. However, it’s the city’s churches that truly emerge. Great, forcing, opulent and noticeably peaceful in comparison to the streets outside, they’re worth weaving in and out of. Gesù Nuovo is one of the most striking. Here you’ll treasure votives, monuments and the grave of Saint Giuseppe Moscati, a local doctor hallowed in the 1980s who was said to be able to perform miracles. The Church of Santa Chiara, which stands on the opposite side of the square, is also worth visiting.

Things to do in Naples italy

  • Take a day tripping break from the smog

Smog rises above Naples consistently, gradually burned away by the sun. Capri is an obvious day trip destination to escape the city. It’s worth a visit but the little island of Procida is less well known and, arguably, a rather well-kept secret. Here you’ll discover cobbled avenues and colorful pastel-painted houses. That said, the blue grotto at Capri is a surreal cavern where the sea glows electric blue in a way that no filter will ever do justice to.

Although there is no specific time to visit Naples Italy tourist attractions if you are visiting Naples Italy in summers then there are many free things to do in Naples Italy in April. Just plan for an exciting stopover at Naples Italy and not worry about what to see in Naples Italy as it has much.

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